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A Rare Work Force Housing Opportunity

Flagstaff Arizona


Work Force Housing Demand in the General Flagstaff Area:  It is anticipated by ECoNA (Economic Collaborative of Northern Arizona) that Flagstaff will need approximately 1500 Work Force Housing units in the next 3 to 5 years.  These units are needed to accommodate the new Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort (being built 15 miles east of Flagstaff at the Twin Arrows exit), Arizona Forest Restoration Products (an OSB plant slated for construction in 2014, new Private Prison in Winslow and numerous other endeavors planned  and/or intended in the general Flagstaff area.  A presentation by ECoNA is available upon request on area projects and ED initiatives.


Location:  2200 acres just 15 short miles from the eastern border of Flagstaff Arizona.  This ranch borders the Navajo reservation on the east and the Coconino National Forest on the west and undeveloped land on the north and south.  Adjacent parcels may be purchase to create a larger development.  A 463 acre parcel is available south of the 2200 acres and an additional 70 acres is also available. 


Significant Natural Resources


Water:  This acreage sits atop one of Arizona's largest aquifers, the Coconino Aquifer.  The City of Flagstaff and the Navajo Tribe have an interest in acquiring this ranch for future water rights in the area.  It is anticipated that Flagstaff will need another source of water within the next 10 to 20 years depending on growth rates and this ranch is the closest water source for the City of Flagstaff.  The ranch contains two wells into the regional aquifer and a 35,000 gallon storage tank.  Ask for a water presentation if more information is needed, our water attorney can assist in a presentation. 


Archeology:  The prehistoric Sinagua tribe inhabited this region from the eight century to the fifteenth century.   Some of the most significant ruins in the southwest have been discovered in the last 75 years east of the 1890's Railroad town of Winona.  One such famous ruin boasts artifacts that are comparable to the fascinating riches discovered with King Tutankhamen .  Here an early American Magician, of much importance, was buried during the Pueblo III period approximately 1,000 years ago, before the first Anglo explored the area in the 1850's and only a few miles from Merrill Crater Ranch.  Archaeological history dates back thousands of years, see the article below for more information. A presentation on the area and Ranch archaeology by the ranch archaeologist may be arranged.


Developable Land:  This is THE largest developable parcel of land in the general Flagstaff area. A presentation on Flagstaff’s future growth is available upon request from community leaders.


Future Growth Corridor:  Flagstaff’s growth corridor is ONLY to the east of Flagstaff.  The north, south and west sides of Flagstaff contain very little, if any, amounts of land for future growth demands.  This listing represents the largest, by far, parcel available or to be available on the east side of Flagstaff.


Scenic Beauty:  Plenty of Juniper trees, views, views and more views of the Peaks, cinder cones, Painted Desert and Arizona’s Big Sky Country.


Wildlife:  Lots of wildlife, elk, antelope, mountain lions, deer, eagles, hawks, bears, fox, and owls.   



More information if available on the ranch below:


See http://www.merrillcraterranches.com for:

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Theodore Tsouras Thesis on Merrill Crater Ranch



For further information or a private presentation on the water amenities or growth demand for the Flagstaff area please contact:


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